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5 Role Playing Sex Games

 These 5 role play sex games are considered taboo or just unimaginable by some. However, when executed correctly, role play sex games can let you live out your utmost fantasies. It begins with the outfits, the setting, and the place of mind. As long as you are in the right mindset anything is possible in role play sex games, because the costumes and the setting are just the backdrop. The real action is taking place in your mind.

  1. Doctor/Nurse and Patient. Imagine the patient laying in the hospital completely defenseless and their only desire is to please the hot doctor or nurse in any way possible. It is amazing how some hot and forbidden sex can make the patient feel better.
  2. Strangers. Dress in our hottest clothes and head out to the nearest bar separately. Begin talking with other men and women. Start stealing secret glances at your mate then just go up and lay a hot and steamy kiss on them. When the others ask if you know that person simply tell them no, you have ever seen them before. Let a few minutes go by and then walk over and do something a little more provocative. Keep playing the game until you leave together letting everyone else think that you have just met. The best part of this fantasy is the idea that everyone thinks you’re only in it for a hot and steamy hook up.
  3. Starving Artist. One of you is the painter and the other is the canvas. Using body paints, create the perfect picture of your model or have them pose for you so you can paint them in the way that you see them.
  4. Actor and director. One of you is the starving actor looking for work and willing to do anything to get a part. The other is the director who is willing to take you up on your offer to get the part. This is great hot office sex where anyone could walk in or a secret tryst at a seedy motel.
  5. Rapist. Some men or women have the fantasy of being raped. This is a scenario that can be safely played out by two people in a relationship. The most important part of the rape role play fantasy is to set a safe word. A safe word is something totally not related to sex that will signal you to stop. Something like apples, tater tots, or any other word that is not normally said during a sexual experience.