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10 Foreplay Tips for Better Sex

It seems like men can be ready to have sex, both mentally and physically, at the drop of a hat. This, however, usually isn’t the case with women. Women usually require more “warming up” before they are ready for sex, both mentally and physically. Knowing how to turn your partner on before sex is one way to make sure that the main event is better than ever. Here are 10 great ideas to help get things started.

  1. Don’t immediately go for the hot spots: Going straight for a woman’s breasts, neck, or other highly erogenous zones is not a good way to kick off foreplay. Gently rubbing her arms, stomach, legs, back, and hair is a much better way to get her warmed up to the idea of having sex. Going straight for a woman’s breasts just screams desperation and selfishness.
  2. Take your time before undressing her: Anticipation is one of your best friends when it comes to foreplay. If she is wondering every time that your hands wander to the top of her pants or the bottom of her shirt if this will be the time you will start to undress her, then she is sure to be lying on pins and needles, which will heighten her senses, making all subsequent touches that much more sensual.
  3. Once you do undress her, remember to make it an experience: Instead of simply taking her shirt off, pull it up over her eyes and kiss her, not being able to see where you are going next will make her super sensitive to your touch, take advantage of that. Take each layer, shirt, undershirt, bra, pants, underwear, even socks, off one at a time. Think of each layer of clothing as another opportunity to make her squirm.
  4. Light and gentle wins out over rough and fast: While you are kissing all over, and you should take the time to kiss all over, make sure that you are doing it in a light and gentle way. Going to fast or too hard isn’t a good idea when her body is in a heightened sense of arousal, it might cause her to feel like she is being tickled, which will lead to laughing instead of moaning.
  5. Compliment and talk dirty in equal proportions: Being complimented too much starts to get annoying, talking dirty too much may make her feel dirty, mixing compliments and dirty talk will make her feel sexy. When you are kissing her neck, whisper dirty things in her ear, when you are kissing her stomach and arms, tell her how sexy you think she is.
  6. Don’t spend too much time in one spot, keep it moving: If you have found a great spot that the woman enjoys a lot, that is great, just break up the attention you give to that spot by moving back and forth between that spot to others. Spending too much time on one spot on her body may start to make her bored.
  7. Take control: If you are performing foreplay on her, then you need to take control. You don’t have to be forceful, but you can tell her what positions you want her in, whether you want her eyes open or closed, whether she should watch you or not, etc.
  8. Go downtown: If you really want her begging to have sex, then go downtown. Be gentle, take your time, and pay attention to her body language while you are down there. Don’t be afraid to get your whole body involved while you are down there, use your shoulders to hold her legs, your hands to rub her thighs, your nose, fingers, etc.
  9. Make sure that she is well lubricated before you finish up your foreplay and move on to sex: Trying to have sex without proper lubrication can be quite painful for a woman, especially if you are a rather well-endowed man. Don’t stop with the foreplay until she is physically ready to have sex. If she is telling you she wants to have sex now but she isn’t lubricated enough then bring in the KY or some other store bought lubricant.
  10. If she starts to lose the mood while you are in the middle of sex, return to foreplay for a minute or two to get her back in the mood: Just because you have started having sex doesn’t mean that you can’t return to foreplay when she starts to lose the mood. If she begins to lose lubrication or seems like she is getting frustrated, then return to foreplay for a minute so that she can relax again.